Cat-Tales Book Three

THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED From Chris Dee's Cat-Tales Blog, April 2011

"Last year when I rolled out the ebook compilation of Book 3, I mentioned that one of my favorite TV shows was Joe Straczynski’s Babylon 5. Each season, there was a different opening. My favorite of those was Season 4 which began “It was the year of fire… the year of destruction… the year we took back what was ours” and built step by step to “It was the year everything changed.”

I never consciously shaped the Cat-Tales arcs to create such a year of change. I took the opportunities that came my way. It was time to establish Catwoman’s true origin story, it was time for CT and JLAin’t to do a crossover and for me to collaborate with MyklarCure on a tale that was neither his nor mine, but truly ours. It was time to look through Alfred’s eyes and have a tale told completely from his POV, and a DC encyclopedia leaking the word of Stephanie Brown’s death gave me the perfect opportunity to give that tale dimension and gravitas. Identity Crisis came along. What else can be said? It was an episode of such power, the counterpoint Identity Element simply had to be written. It was only after the fact, arranging the individual tales into that compilation and ending as usual on a Hell Month, I realized I had “The year everything changed.”

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