Cover of Cat-Tales: CattitudeCattitude

"You will only take root and thrive when you are allowed to be what you are."

It's unknown if the quote was meant as a dig at the many flawed Catwoman origins and characterizations that preceded it, but it clarifies why Cat-Tales succeeds where so many others failed.

Cattitude's achievement as a Catwoman origin is that it not only makes its case that a privileged background makes sense for Selina Kyle, it makes it difficult to imagine how any alternative could even be considered. The associations that define Catwoman: the thief, the graceful movement, the cat moniker, the purple, the associations of wealth and love, the associations between fighting and sex are built piece by piece. It is a phenomenal tour de force, and best of all, it does not omit Batman.

"Not just being Catwoman but being Catwoman with him..."

Their first encounters are played out from both perspectives, Selina's initially and then set off by Batman's log entries.

"I am Catwoman, not The Cat. The woman is part of the equation. The human is part of the equation. Batman is part of the equation. Cartier was our first rooftop because of what we took from each other and what we gave to each other.

Sensei was right, I couldn’t thrive until I was allowed to be what I am."

Like all Cat-Tales, Cattitude can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 3.