Cover of Cat-Tales: Demon's in the DetailsDemon's in the Details

There have been several references to the years Batman fought and yet dreamed about Catwoman.  There was a sexual element to be sure, seen in the literal dreams he has in Armchair Detective and Inside an Enigma, but it was never confined to physical desire.  He wanted her to be a part of his life.  In Go Rin No Sho he remembers climbing the stairs as he returned from patrol that first time, realizing she was asleep in one of the beds upstairs. (That would have been during Catfight)  and, even more than being part of his life, he wanted her to be a part of his mission.  In Not My Kink, he reflects on it:

Yet the dreams I had of her back then have become a reality.  Itís no longer an empty manor and a cold bed waiting when I climb those stairs each night after the logs.  Next week when I resume patrol, she will be there, just as she was before this damn injury.  She will.  Selina.  Warm and tender and alive...  If that impossible wish-dream could come true, was it really that absurd to hope for more?  Continue crimefighting at my side once Iím back on the job, a true partnership.  Is that more improbable than Catwoman waiting in Bruce Wayneís bed at the end of the night when Batmanís work is done?

In Chapter 2 of Demon's in the Details, it comes to pass.  It's mentioned only briefly in Chapter 1 as Bruce reflects on "Date Night" and struggles to process the "impossible wish-dream" come true, and in Chapter 2 we see it unfold.  A night of crimefighting together, the way they approach a case.  The rapport, the give and take, it is electric and wonderful.  Unlike so many attempts, Selina remains completely in character.  She is still Catwoman.  He is still Batman.  It's terrific.  But only the beginning of an adventure that will involve Tim, Atlantis, and even more wonderful Bat/Cat moments.

Like all Cat-Tales, Demon's in the Details can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 5.