Cover of Cat-Tales: FoolFool

Fool is rich with unique and exciting stories: a tour of Atlantis and a stellar appearance by Aquaman, a play-by-play accompanying Catwoman on a series of burglaries, a visit to Sub Diego, and a brilliant introduction to a magically healed Harvey Dent.

It's great, but for fans of the Batman/Catwoman relationship only, there is a splendid sequence when she comes home to Gotham, having been away for a few day on the Atlantis mission.

Also of interest, a subplot involved Harley Quinn finding Joker/Harley shippers on the internet and writing a romance novel. The real Joker/Harley fans and fan fiction were not nearly dumb enough, so the material is adapted from the Batman/Wonder Woman crowd spawned from the Justice League cartoon who plagued the Batman fandom at that time.

Like all Cat-Tales, Fool can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 3.