Cover of Cat-Tales: Knight Before ChristmasHolidays

The Thanksgiving tale We Gather Together and Knight Before Christmas should probably be approached as a set. The former shows Selina's new place in the Batman Family, the latter Bruce's in her "family" of the rogues.

Most significant from a relationship perspective is the 'sign language' that they have evolved, a natural outgrowth of their years as enemies where so much of their relationship was unspoken, and the new comfort Bruce feels attending the Wayne events with someone who not only knows his secret, but is suitable to his life in a way only Catwoman/Selina can be. The casual mention here will be unpacked in greater detail in much later stories. Also significant as Cat-Tales catechism is the ease with which Selina fits into Wayne circles. Though the details of her privileged childhood will not be revealed until Book 3, it should be clear that she is no child of the streets, nor does she have a pauper's animosity to the elite, like Hathaway's trashy character in The Dark Knight Rises.

Then there is the exchange of gifts that first Christmas together. Bruce gets Selina tickets to the opera, bad seats near the fire escape so they can sneak away during the performance and listen from the roof, site of their first Bat/Cat date in Normal. It is a fair illustration of what she will say later: that he is romantic in ways not everybody can understand.

As is she, for she gives him an empty box. Even though she explains it in this story, the meaning seems to have eluded many readers until Bruce explained it succinctly in the Book 5 flashback story Do No Harm:

"She gave me the most extraordinary demonstration that ‘not hurting me’ was her top priority."

Like all Cat-Tales, We Gather Together and Knight Before Christmas can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as ebooks or pdfs sized for printing at Cafe Press. Both are collected in Cat-Tales Book 1.