Cover of Cat-Tales: NormalNormal

In this second tale, the home truths that came to light in Catwoman's stage show and the aftermath conversation in her dressing room at the end of Reputation have been quietly working away at Bruce. We will later find out that the Batman/Catwoman encounters that followed had changed, understandably. Eventually, in Perennials, we will see the final meeting on the roof of the MoMA, which spurred him on to leave her the note that begins this all important chapter in their relationship, summoning her to a date. This story relates the incident from Selina's POV, later we will see Bruce's in Fortune Cookies, and the Justice League spinoff JLAin't: The Other Side gives us yet another POV from Martian Manhunter. It's that significant in the series.

The note summons Catwoman to, essentially, a date. Anticipating her panic, Bruce is prepared for her to try to ruin things before they can begin with a cat-crime. He is less prepared for the experience of being able to be the man he really is on a date with a woman. Their night together has a stronger impact than is first apparent, for both retreat into angsty "interludes" over the next two chapters, which culminates in a charged Batman/Catwoman encounter where the roles break down completely.

After that, Batman visits Selina's apartment, her private home. We see little of the visits that follow; it is one of the few areas where later Tales did not fill in many of the blanks from this early period. After some time has past, Alfred provides the final nudge, tricking Bruce into taking a vacation, knowing it will likely manifest as a getaway for Batman and Catwoman. It does. (His ineptitude asking her is possibly the funniest Batman scene up to that time.) He takes her to an ultra-exclusive resort where privacy is on a level available only to the Bruce Waynes of the world. Though he went planning to keep his identity a secret, he changes his mind in a scene noted for its understatedly poignant romance.

Like all Cat-Tales, Normal can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 1.