Cover of Cat-Tales: Riddle Me-TropolisRiddle Me-Tropolis

It wasn't exactly a throw away in Casefile 001, but the focus of the news of Batman coldly and methodically breaking Riddler's legs was on Batman's behavior, not Riddler legs.  Edward Nigma's perspective is somewhat different, and the story opens with him understandably fed up and ready to leave Gotham.  His life has certainly gone from bad to worse since the dream-come-true Eureka about of Batman's identity with the nightmare-on-wheels that the guy behind the mask is living with his best friend.  He decides he'd be better off turning his back on both of them, setting off for another city with a different kind of hero.

The first chapters are occupied with him settling into Metropolis, rich in detail of the City of Tomorrow, and trying to make it work in a battle of wits with Superman.  Though he likes Lois, she reminds him of the other woman who can keep up, and he is soon summoning Batman and Catwoman to join him in Metropolis.

This is a very rich relationship episode, from the initial receipt of the summons.  The reminders of all those times when they were enemies forced to team up on a case and the excuse it brought for them to spend time together in a non-confrontational way. 

Then there is all the time together in Metropolis, which runs the gamut of contrasting Selina to the bimbos to teasing a more piquant "Big Three" than the DCU ever provided with Superman, Batman and Catwoman.  Lois is not as much of a player as she was in World's Finest, but her appearance is used to better effect as the cross currents across the couples are sensational.  Bruce has always flirted with Lois, and it bugged Clark more than he let on.  Now at last he's got a chance at payback, but his first efforts go no better than Nigma's first attempt to be a Superman foe. 

The adventure is a great one.  The setting is a great one.  The cast is pitch perfect and the interaction among them is possibly the best in the series.  It's also a joyous burst of fun and fresh air after the high drama of Casefile 001.

Like all Cat-Tales, Riddle Me-Tropolis can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 5.