Cover of Cat-Tales: Something OldSomething Old

The first part of Book Two is occupied with Dick and Barbara's engagement, though Bruce, Selina and their relationship remain at the forefront of the tales. In Something Old, her old boyfriend and first lover, Count Francois de Poulignac is introduced. Bruce is adorably jealous, the count is adorably French. His carefree attitude towards both Selina and Harley Quinn creates a pseudo-kinship between Bruce and Joker, in Joker's mind at least. From this tale on, he latches on to the idea that Bruce bested Batman in taking Catwoman away from him, which makes Joker a total Bruce Wayne fan. He assumes the friendship is mutual. His attention span is notoriously brief and he is apt to forget such things, but in not in the case of his friend "Brucie." As of Tale #69, he has forgotten why, but retains the impression that Bruce Wayne is a helluva a guy. Also that he would make a good villain.

Francois de Poulignac is the first solid piece of information about Selina's past. She obviously spent time in Europe. Her detailed knowledge of wine may come from him, as he is a wine maker as well as a cat burglar and aristocrat. He was presumably her first partner in thieving.

This story also establishes that Jim Gordon, now retired as police commissioner, had determined Bruce Wayne was Batman and he goes to Wayne Manor to tell him, now that Barbara is going to be marrying into the family. Gordon had not made much of an appearance in the tales prior to this story, but his role will grow intermittently.

Because, as Oscar Wilde says, no engagement can be considered serious until it is called off at least once, the story concludes with Dick announcing the engagement is cancelled.

Like all Cat-Tales, Something Old can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 2.