Cover of Cat-Tales: SplitzvilleSplitzville

This marvelously entertaining tale begins with a glimpse into Ra's al Ghul's organization DEMON,1 as he prepares to "Call and Ubu." The story that unfolds gets a lot of mileage out of the fact that Catwoman had been Batman's foe and Selina is now Bruce's girlfriend, but more significant is it bringing to a head Batman's past with Talia. It is here he says outright that he played along and encouraged her as a tactic to get to Ra's. It is still a sore spot between them at the opening, but by the end of the tale, they have reached a new plateau where the subject has no power. This is evidenced by the fact that Selina's unique POV winds up producing a way to get her out of their hair for the duration of her tenure at LexCorp.

Superlative moments for shippers include Bruce on Wayne One on the way back Selina after seeing Talia in Metropolis, and the way Batman, who denied the sexual undercurrent in their relationship for so long has now begun to use it the way she once did:

You’re here now,” he pressed, a crustier edge on the ‘r’s meant to convey menace. “Tell me.”

Chinatown is not as dark as many parts of Gotham. The neon glare from Canal Street diluted the gleam of thrilled feline eyes cutting through darkness. But it couldn’t diminish the slow magnificence of a catsmile creeping over parting moist lips.

“Or?” she challenged, daring him to complete the threat.

A gloved hand gently brushed back her hair at the shoulder, then grasped the back of her neck firmly while the other hand touched a single fingertip to her lips. He licked his own lip for an instant, considering the options… then shook it off.

“Selina, there isn’t time. Tell me.”


Also particularly satisfying for shippers is the early episode where Selina nurses Bruce after a JLA mission gone wrong (thanks in no small part to Diana's ego). Not only is it occasion to revisit an episode from comics canon when Catwoman saved the Justice League from Prometheus (mentioned in Reputation) but it is this conversation where Bruce states unequivocally that he now has "a lot to live for," a statement brought the following tribute in the forums:

Firstly, to Selina. My lady, you have done something that is more than remarkable, it is downright amazing! There was a small tremor in the Source recently, a ripple of Life and Joy from that from whence all such things flow, and now I and Mother Box know why -- and my father probably is cursing you for it, so watch your back. What you have done is to take a man's soul from the gates of Hell and bring it into the light. Your Bruce -- for he is yours, as he could be no-one else's, for no-one else could have done what you have -- has come to embrace life rather than merely watch it from a distance. As he has said, now he has a lot to live for; in truth, he always did have, but you have brought him to realise that. This is something all his friends, comrades and family could not do, but you have succeeded where they failed. Be glad. And be prepared for changes in your man; only the Source can tell how he may grow in this unaccustomed light, and it reveals only what it wishes us to know. Secondly, to Bruce: hail and well met, fellow warrior! You have grown, my comrade, in person and in spirit. Do not be afraid of this, for it will not harm you or your mission if you determine that that should not be so -- and you are known for your determination almost as much as for your prowess in battle and in strategy. Speaking of strategy, it was a wise move on your part to apologise to Whiskers and Nutmeg; not only is everything that Selina told you about their therapeutic powers the truth, but they are part of her -- and, thus, now part of you and your family. Treat them as what they are, and they will repay you in their own way, which may not be what you expect (they are, after all, cats), but you will not regret it -- in the long term, at least. There will never be Bat-Cats as there was once a Bat-Hound, but to have two such creatures regard you as their property is to gain benefits that only they and some of the Gods can know the full truth of. Sincerely, Orion of New Genesis

Like all Cat-Tales, Splitzville can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 3.

1 What was called the League of Shadows in the Nolan movies and League of Assassins in comics appears to be only a small fraction of DEMON in Cat-Tales, not the whole of the organization.