Cover of Cat-Tales: String TheoryString Theory

The mindwipe and Batman's reaction to being assaulted by magic and fellow "heroes" of the Justice League was the inciting incident of DC Comics's Infinite Crisis, and the Cat-Tales parallel event String Theory

The Universe-wide Reality-threatening mega-event that crosses all titles in a comic book universe is a staple of the genre, yet it can be off-putting to casual readers and non-fans of the medium.  The number of characters and size and scope of the event border on ludicrous and require a suspension of disbelief  beyond the typical superhero outing.  This is more than usually the case for those Batman fans who prefer the more realistic world of a non-powered hero, as well as those interested only in Gotham, there is a lot of screen time for characters we don't care about.  String Theory avoids that last problem, at least, in making Wayne Manor ground zero and the Batman/Catwoman relationship the heart of its crisis event.  Nevertheless, Crisis Mega Events are not for everyone.

String Theory is must-reading for fans of the Batman and Catwoman relationship, however, since it is the heart of the story, and the Bruce and Selina of several alternate realities are glimpsed.  Most shippers list it among their favorite Cat-Tales.  Those who do not tend to be either put off by the comic book nature of the trope or in rare cases, they are such fans of Zatanna they cannot accept her actions in Identity Crisis/Identity Element or stomach the consequences  visited on her here.

Alternate realities are drawn both from the comics and Cat-Tales itself.  These "Pink Sapphire Worlds" share most of the regular Cat-Tales continuity up to Deja vu All Over Again where Bruce gave Selina a pink sapphire ring, although something may have happened differently, as in the one where Joker was killed during the events of An Iceberg Tale which led to a radically different Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn relationship by the time that timeline caught up with ours.  Though this is explored in Harley/Ivy fan fiction Reap What You Sow, there is some question as to whether these alternate existed outside of the crisis event.  It seems incredible that Chris Dee would permit the existence of any East End goggle-whore depicted in the Gotham Post.  When asked, all Dee has said publicly was to look to Jason Blood's explanations in the story, and Jason Blood says "This is it, if it doesn’t exist in the here and now, it doesn’t exist."

String Theory is one of the rare Cat-Tales that comes with a reader's companion, which will clarify the comics arcs referenced in AUs and other allusions that some readers may have trouble with.

Like all Cat-Tales, String Theory can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 4.