Cover of Cat-Tales: War of the PosesWar of the Poses

Batman and Catwoman, the enemies who fell in love.  It's what they're famous for.  It's what charges their relationship with that hint of the forbidden and what makes it hypnotic and addictive for so many, decade after decade. 

In Cat-Tales, Bruce and Selina seem to cherish that part of their past.  Remembering what they thought impossible then makes it all the sweeter now.  They keep the spark alive with role play, they keep the spark alive teasing and baiting each other.  Up until now, it's always added to their satisfaction.  Until the rest of the world has started fueling the fire.  A series of misunderstandings crowned Catwoman "The Queen of the Underworld" in Gotham, and after the Gotham Post caused her so much grief putting out all those stories that she was gutter trash with ties to the East End, she is taking advantage of the chance to demonstrate finally to the world she doesn't give a fig about the neighborhood.  Not only would she not fight crime there, she will do all she can to encourage it. 

In the midst of that conflict, a new player arrives.  Lex Luthor has noticed there's now someone sane and reasonable running the Gotham Underworld, someone he can deal with.  It's a great twist that lets Selina do what she does best, use her criminal talents to help Batman.  So soon after Riddle Me-Tropolis, we get to enjoy another episode with the Batman-Superman-Catwoman triumvirate and it's just sensational.

A shipper's delight with a healthy dose of relationship angst and a very sexy Selina welcoming Bruce home after a heist.  Also a hilarious call for assistance when the World's Finest find themselves in a subterranean vault.

Like all Cat-Tales, War of the Poses can be read online on the Cat-Tales website or mobile mirror, and can be downloaded as an ebook or pdf, which is sized for printing at Cafe Press. It is collected in Cat-Tales Book 5.